Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentines Party

I have been on the activities committee in my ward for a short time now but this Valentines Party was the last activity I will be planning since I got a new calling as a Sunday school teacher for the kids ages 14-16.

For the Valentines Party we first planned to have a "mock" prom but the leaders thought that may exclude the singles in our ward so we ended up with a decades dance party. People dressed up in a fun outfit they choose from the 1940s to the 1980s. It think it turned out really great even though only around thirty people showed up. To bring a romantic flare to this party, we decorated the gym with mood lighting (sparkle lights) and cute cut out hearts. The cut out hearts reminded me of Valentine's Day in Elementary school. I loved how the gym turned out.

Krystal is on the activities committee with me, also another reason I am sad to leave that calling. Anyway, we decided last minute that we would dress up in an outfit from the 1940s. It seemed the easiest since we could use a dress we already had. Then we searched youtube for a video on how to do a 1940s hairstyle. I think it turned out pretty good.

Here is a picture of Andrew and I.

During the party we had a couple from the ward teach us swing dancing. They are amazing dancers. I really wish that I knew how to dance like that. It was so fun to learn some new dance steps.

Then we had awards for best costume, best dessert, grooviest moves, and best picture. We had everyone bring pictures from their high school or college days. The bishop had one of the best pictures. I wished I had taken a picture of it to post but since I didn't you will just have to take my word for it, it was awesome. I did however get some shots of people showing off their grooviest moves.

Here is Bishop and his wife.

My brother Dan.

Derek Harris and Dan having a dance off.

And Carole Ramirez getting in on the action.

We also did a bare leg ID. We pulled 5 guys secretly from the cultural hall and bishop even let Krystal paint his toenails red. What a sport!!! Then we brought them out behind these chalkboards. A sheet was covering them to their knees and then we had the people guess who's feet belonged to who. We matched the names above where the people thought they belonged to. No one guessed the Bishop. I think the nail polish even threw off his wife.

During the party we crowned a Valentine King and Queen. It was a couple in our ward that had been married 66years. They were so cute dancing together.

The party couldn't of been done without our head committee chairman, Kay Harrison. Doesn't she look cute?!?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Visit With The Lees

On New Years Day we got to go and and spend a night with our good friends. Sandra made a wonderful Cafe Rio dinner...Cafe Rio chicken salad and quesadillas. It was very tasty. We had a wonderful evening visiting and playing our new game...Rage. The girls have such a fun time together and always pick up where they left off months earlier.

The girls eating their dessert.

Madison and Alex in the same shirt. (This was not planned)

Audrey and Kennedy. Audrey is five months older than Kennedy but Kennedy towers over her.
Fun was had by all but it looks like Maddy is in pain in this picture. It could be Audrey's knee in her back.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Soldier Hollow

Right before our move to California almost four years ago now, we took the girls, Maddy (4 at the time) and Audrey (2 at the time) to Soldier Hollow. I am not sure if they remembered it, but they had fun and so did we. Soldier Hollow was an Olympic venue and now they turned it into a tubing hill. You pay for a two hour period of time and get to sled the lazy way. You sit on your tube as a pulley drags you to the top of the mountain and then you sled down a groomed hill. It is a ton of fun. So the Conrads (Andrew's sister's family), Andrew's mom, our friends the Daytons, and us got all bundled up and went up to Midway for some sledding. Here is Andrew's sister Camille with Drew and his cousin Ryan. Ryan is only a couple of month older than Drew.

Best buddies Maddy and Aubrey.

Waiting in line for the "lift" service. They do limit how many people are on the mountain during the two hour time periods but there is still a wait to get up the hill.

Me with Audrey and Drew.

Here is my niece Emily with her friend. Emily is sporting her new ski outfit.

Paul and Camille with Ryan.

We had a blast that day. My kids have really missed the snow since we moved and they just keep talking about this place. I guess we will have to make it a Christmas tradition. Small side note...we totally saw Kobe Bryant with his wife and kids exiting the previous session when we came for ours.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I blinked and here we are a year later. I LOVE this kid. He has me wrapped around his little finger. I have had such a fun year with him. He has got a great personality and I am trying to enjoy ever minute of it. We were still in Utah for his birthday so we were able to celebrate with Andrew's family. Andrew made him this sweet cupcake football cake. I think I will leave the cake making up to him from now on.

Here is Gavin waiting in anticipation for his first try of sweets.

Yum. I think he liked it.

Trying to get every last morsel off.

Yep that is one happy baby.

Having a birthday in December is rough but three days after Christmas, sorry Gavin. We did have more presents for him though. He got a fun little push car and a small, soft and squishy BYU football. We are starting early with the indoctrination process. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet little guy. We love you.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Every other year we pack up all our Christmas loot and head to Utah for the holidays. This year we were able to spend all two weeks there. We sure had a ton of fun. On Christmas morning, we first opened presents with our kids. One of the traditions in my family growing up was to have your picture taken in front of the Christmas tree before all the unwrapping frenzy started. Now I have started that tradition with my kids. So here they are just out of bed.

Here is Gavin with one of his two toys he received this year...he doesn't know any different.

Then after we finished opening gifts, it was time to help get breakfast made. The tradition in Andrew's family is a huge buffet style breakfast. Ham Souffle is the main course and then there is cinnamon rolls, clam and onion dip with chips, all types of fruit, vegetable platter, and treats. Around 11am everyone else in his family showed and we spent a while eating and then eating more. After the kids could not contain themselves anymore waiting on us...we opened presents with grandma and the cousins. Here is Aubrey and Maddy sporting their new matching jogging outfits. These two are so close. I love it.

And a picture of the on lookers. Each grandchild had to watch as one grandchild at a time opened the gifts as to avoid chaos. So here are some patiently waiting for their turn.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Winter Amazement

We spent Christams Eve over at Camille and Paul's house. It was a great evening with really delicious soups. During dinner my brother in law Kip told us that there was this guy up by where they live that makes these amazing snow creations. I guess whenever it snows he uses his tractor, blow torch and creativity and comes up with things ranging from the Simpsons to Madagascar. So after dinner we did a drive by so the kids could see it. I was in totally shock of how seriously crazy amazing this guy is. Just check out the pictures.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Madison Is Student of The Month

Our little Madison is such a great student. She always goes above and beyond what is asked of her. This month she was recognized for all her great achievements and was student of the month. At Friday morning flag salute the school presented her with an award. She was surprised to see Andrew and I and Krystal and her kids there to support her. We are so proud of you. Here is Maddy getting her award. It was pajama day that Friday so that is why she is dressed in her pajamas at school. No I did not forget to get her dressed.

After she received her award we got to have a little breakfast snack with her before she had to go to class. I love that girl. She is just so sweet and just always trying to be her best.